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  • Mackinaw City is Back in tip-top Shape!

    Sunday, May 21st. Drake, N8DMH, and Adam, N8APX traveled to the Mackinaw City 145.11 repeater site to fix the low-output audio and reset the PA alarm on the repeater itself. We also replaced the computer for the APRS and AIS systems so those are back in working order. The equipment at the Mackinaw City site:…

  • Weekend Tower Work!

    We accomplished some excellent work this weekend folks. At the Hackleburg tower we: Removed the CCECPSCO equipment from the falling-apart broadcast shack. Decommissioned the CCE 911 Building Moved our equipment into our shack on a fancy new rack (pictured below) Upgraded the 146.740 from two Kenwood mobiles to a Motorola MTR3000 Put the CHBYGN APRS…

  • Fall Auxcomm SET

    The Northern Michigan Linked Repeater Network was active for the statewide simulated emergency test. The link helped to facilitate emergency messages from counties all across Northern Michigan for both voice and data.